What my customers have said:

"I had the privilege to participate in the self care challenge and I must say it was truly enjoyable. I printed out the self care challenge calendar and each day as I watched the challenge I wrote notes and learned so much! I was inspired to try many of the suggestions and the guests Heidi shares in the challenge is a valuable bonus. I walked away from the experience feeling good about taking time to care for myself inside and out. ⭐️"

I used to be the girl who "did it all" and was affectionately called MARTHA by my friends...
Which I loved!
Well, i'm here to tell you that "MARTHA" is not sustainable unless you have a team of cooks,
stylists, decorators, and crafters.
And I know this because my body crashed and instead of running around saying YES! YES!
YES! and baking the BEST chocolate chip cookies just for fun I was lying flat out on my couch
a hormonal mess, with an autoimmune diagnosis, crying and wondering if i'd ever be myself

Without the YESES, the party planning, and the DOing... who am I?
It was on my couch that I learned:
Who am I
How to prioritize my self care
Show more love for myself
 A new appreciation for my body 
And empathy for others laying flat on their couches!

This course is a free bonus for my Nest Pretty Members!!!

...so there's that!