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Free Guide: 3 Ways to Reduce a host of Chemicals from your Beauty Routine with 1 Ingredient

Laughing wasn't always this easy...

I figured out how to live a toxin free lifestyle and I'm excited to share but first here's a little about why it's so important to me.

For years my eyes would get inflamed, red and irritated.  They felt as if they were full of sand and they would get so swollen that it felt like they were too big for my eye sockets so that every time I blinked it was as if razor blades were scraping across my eyes.  


Every Doctor I saw would say, “This happens in young, healthy women for no reason.”


After hours of desperate research I asked my Doctor to check my Thyroid and I was diagnosed with subclinical Grave’s Disease (an auto-immune condition).   At that point I went from having just a painful eye condition to being a weepy, emotional, hormonal mess!  


Then I learned about how the chemicals and toxins in all of our household and beauty products can affect our health, hormones, and emotions and I started on my chemical-free journey which meant lots of trial and error and DIYs and feeling overwhelmed and lost.  Until I found a source that took the guesswork out of the last remaining pieces of my non-toxic lifestyle.


Now, I clean my home without making myself sick and I use zero chemicals on my hair, face and body. I’m back to my vibrant, happy self and my eyes...haven’t flared up in years!


Instead of spending hours making my own chemical free (fill in the blank) I can use my time doing what I love….enjoying the sun at the beach or the pool with the love of my life, Judah!!!


I love to help professional girls like me who don’t have time to DIY and share how you can find freedom with the knowledge and information that we share in our exclusive community of BFF's who've joined me on this journey of a Nest Pretty Lifestyle which is about making small choices everyday that adds up to a beautiful life.

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