How to START Organizing your home!

Organizing your home is a choice.  You can choose to set aside 15 min a day to get it under control yourself, or you can get help and get it done in a few days.  

Regardless, Here's your 1st tip:

Choose Achievable Goals

Creating goals for organizing your space is an essential key to success! You can start small and work up to those larger, more daunting tasks. Instead of setting one large goal of attaining an organized home, break up the organization into rooms, functions, or even closets. Goal setting might look something like this:

1. Organize your bedroom closet and donate clothes that you haven't worn in a year.  Believe me this is gonna feel amazing!

2. Sort through the linen closet and mark sheets according to bed size.

3. Clean the laundry room and install shelves if needed.

4. Declutter your home office.  

Breaking down the overwhelming task of organizing a living space into manageable pieces is important for reaching your goals.



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