It’s officially spring, despite what your Weather app is saying. Flowers are blooming; leaves are coming out on the trees; nude stretch pants are once again making their presence felt.

I know what you’re thinking--nude stretch pants should never be bought, let alone worn, and I agree. Let’s be honest--oatmeal and nude are not colors. Oatmeal is a breakfast cereal, and as I have said before, friends shouldn’t let friends wear Quaker Oats. Nude, on the other hand, is…well…nude is a bedroom outfit that should not be worn in public.

But I saw a woman, just the other day, wearing her nude leggings, proudly displaying her nearly-naked legs. After doing a horrified double-take to make sure that she was, in fact, wearing “pants,” the color or lack of color reminds me how important it is to keep examining our choices to see if they're still serving us.  

I'm 3 weeks into my Spring 10 piece wardrobe and so far i've been thrilled.  Have you mustered up the courage to give it a try?  Believe me I understand your trepidation!  It took me months to take the leap.  However, I'm here to reassure you that it'll be well worth the effort.  The feeling of freedom is unprecedented!

Welcome to the world of Nest Pretty.  It’s where we celebrate the process of making a beautiful nest. It's all about the small choices that we make everyday that adds up to a clean, beautiful, positive and energetic life!


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