I was that girl who "did it all" and was affectionately called MARTHA by her friends...Which I loved!

Well, you probably already know this...but I’m here to tell you that MARTHA is not sustainable unless you have a team of cooks, stylists, decorators, and crafters.

And I know this because my body crashed and instead of running around saying YES! YES! YES! and baking the BEST chocolate chip cookies just for fun I was lying FLAT OUT on my couch a hormonal mess, with an autoimmune diagnosis, crying and wondering if i'd ever be myself again.

Without the YESES, the party planning, and the DOing who was I?

How to prioritize myself
Self care
Love for myself & a new appreciation for my body
And a superpower of EMPATHY for anyone else enduring on their couch

It’s in moments like this that you literally have no choice but to dig in and decide to control the controllable. Which is ultimately only YOU. I learned so much on the climb back about listening to and honoring my body. Caring for myself in new ways without the chemicals and fruity smells that were so enticing (remember that Green Pear silky lotion from Victoria Secret) green should’ve been my clue!

It took time, a lot of journaling, and analyzing and tons of patience to one day wake up and be able to say, cautiously, "I think I'm back!" Because for me, the physical healing was one thing, but the emotional climb back to ME was quite another! It’s work and frankly, I feel it's work that every woman needs to do whether she’s sick & hormonal or not.

If you’re laying flat on your couch and questioning your own climb... I’m here to cheer you on, to encourage you and reassure you that it is possible.

Heidi Gammill


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