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Who doesn’t want a beautiful closet filled with clothes they LOVE?

Springtime is the most exciting season. The grass begins to wake up from its long sleep; the daffodils and tulips emerged from their cold bed; and there's a gentle scent of cherry blossoms in the air. To me, all of these little beauties are also vivid reminders that spring cleaning is just around the corner—if not already in full swing.


While we don’t have such a traditional season change here in Florida, the weather is getting warmer and I've changed my capsule wardrobe over for spring. As always, I'm continually looking for ways to improve my system. But one thing I've found still hasn't changed—the 80/20 principle.

The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule

Most people, believe it or not, wear only 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. It’s shocking really how many superfluous items can take up valuable real estate if you let them. Now, I realize that you may live in a cooler climate and dressing for such extreme seasons is decidedly more complicated and requires more layers, a.k.a. more clothes. But that doesn’t mean the 80/20 principle doesn’t apply to you too.

Three Tips to Determine Your 80/20

1.  During spring cleaning this year, try something new. Move all of your winter apparel to the far side of your closet and your spring wardrobe front and center. This will keep you from rifling through items you obviously won’t use for months. 

2.  Now, turn every hanger backwards. As you wear your items, put them back in the closet the correct way. Your true spring wardrobe will begin to take shape in just a few weeks because you will clearly see what's your 20% that you consistently reach for.

3.  Do the same with your shoes so that you can clearly see what you are using.

Once you begin to see what you consistently put on, analyze:  WHY?

No doubt, it's because those items:

  • Fit 

  • Look great on you 

  • Make you feel amazing!  

 What should you do with the items you're not wearing? That ultimately will be up to you. Donating them can help towards next year’s taxes. If they are worn, stained, or thread bare, trashing them would be the kind thing to do. Whatever you do, don’t leave them where they are. Keeping your closet filled with clothes you can’t or won’t wear only adds to a stressful morning routine.

Life's too short and closets are too small to be filled with non-essentials. Take the stress out of getting dressed and enjoy 100% of your closet 100% of the time. Wake your closet up and help it spring back to life by only keeping the clothes you LOVE.  And here at Nest Pretty LOVE is a two syllable word!

Now, I'd love to hear from you!  Have you tried these tricks with your wardrobe?  If so, what did you learn about your personal style?  Leave a comment below!

Welcome to the world of Nest Pretty.  It’s where we celebrate the process of making a beautiful nest. It's all about the small choices that we make everyday that adds up to a clean, beautiful, positive and energetic life!


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