Editor of your wardrobe

Editing your wardrobe can be so rewarding!

Every time I write a blog, I find myself spending more time editing than actually writing. Once I have my thoughts down, I read it out loud checking to see if it flows well, if words are spelled correctly, and if my ideas are expressed in an understandable way. This may take several passes until I am satisfied and ready to post. Editing is an essential part of writing. It is also an essential part of curating a wardrobe you love.

In last week's blog, I recommended turning your hangers and shoes backwards as you begin the season. Then, as you wear your clothes and shoes, hang the items the right way and put your shoes back facing out. Once your capsule wardrobe takes shape and you know what you are no longer wearing, you can begin editing. 

Your First Pass

Should be to get rid of the obvious offenders—the clothes and shoes you aren’t wearing because they don’t fit, are worn out, or don’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s going to seem like you're throwing out a lot of clothes, but don’t be afraid. I promise you—they won’t feel a thing.

Now take a Second Pass

Look at what's left. Is there anything you wore last season that may need to be replaced? Is there anything obviously out of style? Do you have a cashmere sweater that has fed a moth or two? Do you have shoes that have seen better days? Maybe you have a favorite pair of jeans that you have to lay down on the bed in order to button and zip up. Are they really so cute that the lack of comfort is worth it?

Edit, Edit, Edit

Throw away or donate what doesn’t work for you anymore. Then make a list of items that you need or should replace. Keep that list with you whenever you’re out so you remember to look for and buy what’s on your list. This helps you to stay on track—keeping your capsule wardrobe simple while helping you to stay on budget. 


Sometimes, when I'm unsure of how my blog sounds, I have my husband read it. Many times, he offers great suggestions on how to make it better. I recommend doing the same with your clothes. If you’re unsure of an item of clothing, try it on and ask your husband, daughter, or best friend their opinion. If they say no, then let it go—another great way to edit.

Just like a good writer spends more time editing than actually writing, take the time needed to edit your capsule wardrobe until you are satisfied and happy with what's left. Not only can your revised wardrobe greatly reduce the stress of getting dressed, but editing it along the way can help to keep it fresh and fun. And who knows? You may even find yourself with a closet worth writing about.

Macey M. from Monroe NY said:

"One word to sum up my consultation with Heidi: UNFORGETTABLE.  Her advice and principles transcend beyond your closet and can really change your whole outlook…for the better of course!  Whether we’re aware of it or not, we all have deeply engrained habits that affect what we buy, what we wear and how we see ourselves.  Heidi helps you to break free from all of that and take an honest look at what’s really best for you.  It’s advice you can trust and in the end you look and feel fabulous…and come on, who doesn’t want that?!?  Thank you Heidi!"


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